I Can Hold The Smoke EP

by The Easy Mark

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released August 8, 2014



all rights reserved


The Easy Mark Riverdale, Iowa

Quad Cities/Iowa City "Pop-Punk Mavens"

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Track Name: River In My Lungs
Cover you ears and cover your eyes

Don't put it paper (Something might stick)
Quick throw it in the river before somebody sees it
My words sink the bottom ( The River's washing em out)
Diluting the truth I'm too afraid to say out loud
but you can hear it now.

Cover your flesh now
Drown the whole world out

I don't know what I'm saying (Don't think I ever will)
It just seems more obvious now, more than other times
Put me under a blanket (Of masked words)
Like a beggar man under a newspaper
Just walk on by me

I feel like the brown light crawling through the bottom of an empty bottle
It's not so clear

I can feel the river in my lungs
I can see my thoughts come out and bubble
I feel the words that are forcing past my tongue
I try to hold it in but only struggle
Til my message reaches the fresh air
But it's too distorted now for them to hear

Like the brown light crawling through the bottom of an empty bottle
It's not so clear
Track Name: Sinking
I wake to a sterile, cold sunlight breaking through my window
Stealing faces I've barely met
Leaving me dull and in a dry sweat
A few taped up boxes on the floor
A dead cell phone in the top drawer
Green curtains on two matching windows
Let them stay outside I'll keep my door closed

I'm not one for letting go
There's millions of pictures my mind has sown
But my patchwork brains been cut and torn
Like a child's knees open and sore

There's pictures of people wrapped in nostalgia
You miss for a minute and hate when it's over

And I'm so fucking bored right now
Counting the ways I've fucked up
I'm sinking in deeper
It feels like
Track Name: My Eyes
I was the kid who won the goldfish
I took you home in a glass container
I took you home and I thought you'd stay there
I put you up, up on the shelf across from my bed
I remember watching before I slept

You danced with my eyes

The sight of your gravestone it hit me like bricks
and the lump in my throat when I start to get sick
I tried to keep cool but it came on so quick
and eruption of laughter, it all goes like this

You danced with my eyes

It was raining that night
I saw the asphalt turn into oceans
I saw the reflection of the streetlight that was taking you home
And you were finally done
Ended with all this
I still remember that stiff look on your face
that was taking you home

You danced with my eyes
Track Name: I Can Hold The Smoke
I've got a silver screen behind my eyes
That keeps me going to sleep at night
But the colors dancing while I dream
have become more clear what they are to me
And the players are perfect (My favorite scene)
And it's finally working (Or so it seems)
But the audience they won't stop screaming
At the conscious stream that keeps repeating

When the theater lights are up
And the fire alarms gone off

But at night, I can hold the smoke
And I can feel it close to me
And at night, it doesn't hurt so bad
Cus' I can't feel the light that casts this image that I have

My hopes feel like trapped rats
They're anxiously biting and constantly fighting for
A way out of my head (They tear me down)
But I guess that's what I get (Without a sound)

And I can't help but hate this
I'm always jumping in too quick

So I figure that I should break this
But I know it's never gonna quit
It only reminds me that it's
getting harder to get out of bed
And I can't help but hate this
I'm always jumping in too quick